I'm just learning. I have way too much instructional material already but I really like this guy's teaching and playing style. Anyone tried his free lessons or his DVDs at all and have thoughts on them? I tried a search but didn't see anything about his stuff.
i do all the time - he rocks!! his tutorials are easy to follow and accurate.
Soy un perdedor.

I like his instructional method. His Wonderwall video was great as it helped immensely with the strumming pattern (I couldn't figure it out at the time).

His DVDs are probably good but I've never bought any.
I use his free lessons on youtube. He is great, explains concepts really well, and he even makes lessons funny. I particularly liked his free lesson on youtube which teaches you Bon Jovi - Its my Life. Funny as f**k.
yeah he has good dvds
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Thanks. Definitely seems like a good, fun teacher from his Youtube vids. I ordered some DVDs.
Yeah he's really good and an awesome teacher.
He also has a whole bunch of cool hats
i got a sh1t load of his dvds, i find them easy to follow. I would deffo recomend them!!