So I'm 14 and I recently had the chance to perform to the GCSE music class two pieces - Crazy Train by Ozzy and I'm Alright by Neil Zaza. After the lesson my teacher said it was 'very very good' ( )and gave me this letter that basically said for me to come play in this annual spring fair at my school. I was obviously very happy about this, since I'm pretty sure no one else in my year's music got a letter like this, but the whole layout of it is that me and the other musicians that have been picked will each make a playlist of songs that we could play and then all the playlists will be comprised into one big playlist for 'customers' to pick a song off and then the relevant musician will play it.

Now this is where I want your, help. I obviously want to play a lot that day, and so I need songs that people will choose out of the playlist. The two songs that I played for my performance that time when I got the letter are about my standard of playing, I'm Alright being my hardest (I can still play it well though ) and I play mainly Hard Rock, Metal and Instrumental Rock (Canon Rock etc). I'm thinking so far of doing Crazy Train and Canon Rock for sure and probably the shorter version of Master Of Puppets, but probably not I'm Alright because tbh for people who don't play guitar it's quite obscure and they won't pick it. I would just find it extremely helpful if you could give me some song titles that would work with my standard of playing and I could learn before April . I play many hours a day normally so I can learn stuff pretty quick time-wise, but still I wanna be able to be used to it by then. So generally stuff that people will know and pick, and won't just be power chords throughout. I need this pretty quickly as well, so replies would be greatly appreciated.
!! Also please nothing apart from standard tuning because I've got an Ibanez RG350DX with a floating tremolo.

P.S. I doubt it will help, but I'll be using a Behringer GMX1200H amp head, with these quite bassy speakers we've got that we basically found in the garage but are really quite good.
if your playing to a backing track do smells like teen spirit cause its easy, well known and popular but without a backing track the verses would be boring.

maybe zombie by the cranberries.

its hard to say really. your best bet is to go ask non musicians who like very mainstream stuff what rock songs they like. they will probably give you very stereotypical answers like the ones ive given above but they will be the ones that will be popular i suppose
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Quote by 2841981
your best bet is to go ask non musicians who like very mainstream stuff what rock songs they like. they will probably give you very stereotypical answers like the ones ive given above but they will be the ones that will be popular i suppose

Thanks, I'll probably do that and see what people say

Still open to suggestions though obviously
Canto 34 by Five Finger Death Punch is an awesome piece of instrumental metal though not very well known I think, and maybe the name of the band will scare some older people away, and its nowhere near standard tuning :P oh well
Maybe some Slash then ? Im sure most people know him. Ghost feat. Ian Astbury is pretty sweet.
Play some Chillis do a mash up of like Californication, Otherwide, By The Way and Tell Me Baby

Then do the intro to Paradise City by Guns, including and up to the end of the first solo

Might not be your particuluar style, but anybody who's anybody will know the guitar parts to Voodoo Child by Hendrix if you have a Wah wah
Hey it just occurred to me should I try Sweet Child O Mine? Because it's really famous for it's guitar parts etc. and I think it'd be a reasonably popular choice between both older and younger people... What do you think? I haven't learnt any of it yet (except the famous intro.. but everyone knows that lol :P) And I also know it's in Eb tuning but there are loads of covers using a standard tuning backing track so I can probably get that pretty easily and I don't think anything will take a significant amount of time to learn apart from maybe the solo... Also I do have a Multi FX unit with a pedal that I can assign to Wah so effect's generally aren't a problem Good choice?

Also, Thanks for contributions everyone Keep them coming, I'll 'check' every single one
Im sure if you could play it, Eruption may be good, a lot of people are familiar with it, and they will definitley pick it, and since it sounds much harder than it actually is, it will make you look even better
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Why not do a medley in E?

Satisfaction, Paranoid, Born to be Wild, Day Tripper, Mama Kin.. There's heaps more songs and riffs which both oldies and young people will know and you can tie them all in together.
Play PHCP stuff, nice and simple and catchy, everybody knows it. maybe some early creed stuff? nickelback? Live?
Fade to black?
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I reckon Premonition - Satch would be awesome, doubt anyone would pick it though. Maybe you can list all your songs, and then go '**** you, Ima play RATM' like a true badass.
If you want people to recognize the songs, the hits of these bands are safe:
Black Sabbath
The Eagles
Led Zeppelin
Motley Crue
Van Halen

Also, the song Enter Sandman, since that's the most popular Metallica song amongst the general public, at least here anyway.
any hendrix (if you can play it) people will think that your a god. Also look at stuff like texas flood by stevie ray vaughen and enter sandman, especially if there are backing tracks for them.
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