So i have my grade 7 exam on guitar on monday and i have a timing issue. Basically i have to play some scales but they're not being specific on how to play them. so this is an example. (The bpm is 70). sorry about the size

I'm not sure if i play them how you normally would play them, as in play them in groups of 4 or do you play them in sevens (like septuplets).

Help is much appriciated

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If you look, there are 32 total beats counted in that measure (the quarter note is 4 16ths) so it eventually comes out evenly.
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I am pretty sure the only reason it is written that way is to fit the whole exercise into one measure. Just because they are grouped in sevens, does not mean they are played faster. The are still 16th notes.
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it's the same with the scales on the piano. i played them in sevens at the start but my teacher said it was wrong. for scales, you should be playing them with no accents. for instance it's weird to play the octave on the off beat kinda, but they shouldn't be able to hear that. try to have as little accentuation as possible during string changes etc.
thanks guys for clarifying this. was struggling to keep up playing them 7 notes to a beat
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