I bought a Sure wireless system a few years back. It has served me well until recently. The PG1 transmitter fails while trying to transmit the signal and completely shuts off. Initially, I thought it may be a dead battery (even though the LED didn't indicate a low battery). But I changed the battery and still, nothing. Shure says they can repair the transmitter for $70 and I can buy a new one for $95. But I wanted to check here first to see if anyone has had the same problem or if someone possibly knows how to fix the problem.
Thanks in advance.
That's the thing that's surprising to me. It's not a cheap system. It's definitely not the highest end, but it has been (thus far in the past 4 years) reliable and doesn't really mess with my signal unlike the lower end. It's the PG1 transmitter paired with the PG4 receiver which have good reviews on the web, but in all the web research, I can't find anything about this transmitter completely shutting off.