I've been waiting for this...Good stuff man.
Music stores give all gear a +50 to Charisma.

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Why not chromatics? Chromatic harmony was the "new thing" in the romantic era.
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Fish isn't meat.
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Pics or its a DS-1
DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, that was soooo0o0o0o0o0 awesome!!!!


"In the process of remixing this track I had to listen to it more than a dozen of times before we could even get the tempo right...[ ]... After having listened to the song for the 1000th time when recording, I ended up kind of liking it. It´s catchy."
---> LOL
This is great!
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Shit, this is pure win. You can have my interwebz, I was saving them for a rainy day.

^about my halloween costume
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a sport

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Oh, so it's sorta like real-life gaming, then?
very sick,you think you can turn this into midi? or midi the guitar track,also could i have the mp3. I wanna make my own metal remix too,but only have realstrat vst,i think i got the other chords,just dunno wtd abm is,thanks
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