my brains growing stronger everyday
my heart's losing power, there's no way
in hell i'll quit
it really makes me sick
how many more times have i got to bullshit before
you buy into this?

all i ever asked for was a taste
shot down by the look in your eyes of divine disgrace
like i'm a waste of space
how many more times have i gotta **** up
before you show me your face?

i threw it all away
then i threw that shit back up, and let me tell you
it tasted great
there was no other way

all i ever asked for was a taste.
I enjoyed this quite a bit. It was just like you were so pissed off and disgusted i could feel it. It was sick.

The first stanza was a great opener, and the last line of "you buy into this" was a great segway into the next stanza.

The second stanza was also well written, I especially like the use of "divine disgrace", thought it really captured the general vibe and word choice in this peice. My only suggestion here would be to remove "like im a waste of space". it feels lame after the prior line and really doesnt add anything. Removing it also doesnt **** up your rhyme scheme so its all good.

The way you ended the song kept the vibe going, but ended with kind of a dark smirk kinda deal with the "all i ever asked for was a taste". It worked really well.

Overall, greaty work man. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1421279
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I'll keep it short and simple. This is a good song. It's definitely those songs that make you feel the aggression through the music and lyrics. Keep up the good work.