Not sure how to explain this one so you will just have to see


There is a smudge in the finish and a chip on the back but with the amount of laquer used to seal the finish it should hold no problem. The pickup is a wilkinson humbucker.

If you are interested dont hesistate to make me an offer on this unique item
I am based in nottingham, collection preferred but i will ship if needed
sorry for the spam, but dude that is really cool! haha.
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sorry for the spam, but dude that is really cool! haha.

gotta agree,
looks fantastic haha shame I havnt got spare cash
What's the body made of? Awesome beertar btw
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Wah pedal.

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i havent got a clue, when i got the guitar it was completely blank, no branding on anything, feels like alder though but im not sure
Man that guitar is sick, don't suppose your interested in some though of trade for a epi les paul or a tele :-)
it depends, pics? i've been offered an epi les paul standard but the guy wants me to make some modifications to the setup