Hey all.
I want to digitally get a free drum program with loaded beats.
Which I can stick in some recording software like audacity.
And that's it.
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Rhythm Rascal is the only one I can think of that's free.
The quality's not great, but it works well for what it is.

And what would be the best payed one?
Except ezdrummer.
Superior is probably the most flexible high-end one, but I don't think it comes with loaded beats.
I know EZDrummer has a bunch of different beats and fills. Every expansion adds on more of them.
It isn't hard to just make them yourself through a piano roll though.

The other popular ones are Seven Slate Drums, and Addictive Drums.

you'll want to download Reaper.
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And what would be the best payed one?
Except ezdrummer.

EZDrummer is most definitely not the best aha.

Steven Slate Drums is the best IMO, if you're looking for just one program to do it all. A combination of SSD, SD2.0 and Lasse Lambert's samples will yield the best results for programmed drums.
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where are they at?

When you have Superior 2.0 loaded as a VST, there are a set of 6 buttons all the way on the top left. "Grooves" is the third one on the list. When you click on it, there are a number of folders depending on how many packs you have installed. They are categorized by beats and variations. You can click on them to play them back and then drag them into the midi track.