There is, in my hand,
a mug that holds
something that is
supposed to pass as
a maciato, or something like it.
Between alternating
sips of whatever
occupies my mug
and drags from a cigarette
that I am not really enjoying
all that much
(Because of the brand.),
I can't help that my
mind wanders over to
you, and who I used to be.
I wonder, really,
If I had only been different,
maybe you would exist
some place other than
between my right and left ears.
'But I assure you, I do!' you cry
from behind my eyes,
somewhere in my mind,
some place place not yet touched
by the shit and sin
that fills the rest of me.
While I am both stunned
and pleased with your attempt
to deceive me, I know that
this is the first sign
that you are no longer safe
from the sickness
that infects the world outside
of the beautiful prison
I have constructed for you
within the walls
of my heart and mind.
I wonder, really,
how long it will be
before you are taken from me,
before even the best parts of myself
are no longer tangible enough to be
amplified and projected
onto a person that only I
have beared witness to,
have wept with,
have loved,
have shared secrets about myself
that even I am not fully aware of with.
I wonder, really,
if, when the day comes
that I can search endlessly
and no longer find you,
will you truly be gone?
Can you ever truly be gone?
Maria, I say to you
that the inevitibility
of your dissappearance
is the greatest tragedy
man will ever be
made to suffer through.
Even now,
I search the narrow and
unforgiving alley ways
that fill the empty space
between my thoughts.
Maria, Maria,
Where are you?
Where have you gone to?
read this aloud to yourself and note how awkward some of the run on sentences sound. i think it's too long and bland. find what works and keep it (shit and sin was good) dump the rest
I want Super Saiyan abilities