So me and a few of my friends are trying to get together and play our school talent show and I wanted to keep them together and maybe move on and play as a band with some more gigs. What are some ways to keep them together because we are playing some punk but my rythym guitarist likes Indie and my lead guitarist likes more rock than anything else and I was wondering if there were some ways to keep us together as a band without bribing them or anything along those lines
Ur gonna have to branch out, Sum 41 style. Try and mix those genres together somewhat, or just play a mix of different songs. If you look at most bands, the individual members all like different stuff, just try and find something you're all comfortable with.
Collaborate and see what happens. This is my band to a T when we were a 3 piece. Now we're this plus a metalhead.
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Just the same as every other band in the world. Decide whether you're a covers band or an originals band. Make music.

Why you think punk, indie and rock can't mix is beyond me.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
The best way to keep any band together is to simply make sure that everyone is enjoying being in that band and playing the music that band plays.

So, if people have different influences and tastes, those influences and tastes should be catered for.

Of course, everyone will have their own preferences and may not be into playing what someone else in the band prefers, so it's important for the whole band to realise that the price they each individualy pay for being able to play their favourite stuff is playing the favourite stuff of someone else in the band.
I like the party hard option but I don't think it'll actually work :P But I'll probably talk to the guys and try and keep us together as long as possible, a lot of this was really helpful thanks.
Here's my band's unspoken philosphy: the more you put in, the more you get out. In other words, if you want something done, you do it yourself. If you're into a certain band or genre, and want the band's sound to incorporate that, you participate in the songwriting and fuse that into the sound. In your case, indie, punk, and rock are incredibly easy sounds to put together, and you should have little trouble with it. I know a lot of bands like to treat their members equally, but frankly if one person is putting more effort into it than the other, I think that person has more control over the band simply because their actually doing the work. If all your band members have different tastes, which is not unsual in most cases, tell them to all bring something to the table, and work with what you have from their. I'm not saying everyone's opinion shouldn't be taken into consideration, because fairness and communication are very important factors when forming a band.

To sum it up, they have different tastes? Great, combine them to form your unique sound. If they want to bring a certain element into the band, let them do so, as long as they are willing to do it. You or one other member shouldn't be expected to cater to another's exact needs if they aren't doing anything themselves.