I have been shopping around for a flanger, and am leaning toward an MXR 117, EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress, and Ibanez AF2.

The MXR, ive been told, just has one sound, through any guitar/amp, obviously not true, but if someone could offer their opinion on that.

EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress ive been told has volume drop issues, and sounds almost too spaced out for my taste

The Ibanez take off feature is a little ridiculous, and it seems to be not worth the price.

I am looking for a flanger in the $150 range that can do Van Halen to Gilmour flange, but can also double as a somewhat decent chorus. Any opinions are appreciated.
If you want EVH, then get the MXR. Gilmour should be able to be done on a MXR, but then again he used a Electric Mistress.

I personally would go for the Electric Mistress if you are also wanting chorusy tone.
I'm also looking for a new Flanger, because I am very disappointed with the MXR Micro Flanger I bought. It 's very subtle and flanger sound is annoying to increase the number.