Hey people i'm new here so ill try to be clear as possible.
My friend just gave me his Kramer Focus 2000 for free. he doesnt play and it doesnt work. i looked inside. but i dont really know what im looking for. everything appears to be connected except for one that goes to the area of the tremolo springs.
I am getting no sound through the amp.
can anybody give some tips of what to look for and/or what to fix?
i dont want to bring it to a store to fix cause the closest one is about an hour away.
Check if you have continuity throughout the guitar. Start by testing between the audio jack signal lug, and the corresponding pin of the pot it's connected to (most likely tone). This is where the problem is likely to be; a broken output/broken connection between the output and tonepot. If you do have continuity there, then continue checking all the way down your signal chain, right from the jack output, through all the pots, through the selector switch, and up into the pickups. It is likely that the connection will have broken somewhere in your guitar's internal wiring.

If you are not sure what continuity is, or don't fully understand how to check it then post back here. However if that is the case, then that suggests to mr you really aren't confident enough to be doing this and it might be a good idea to take it to a music store and watch what the guys there do. If you don't know however, feel free to post here and I can guide you through it if you want to give it a bash anyway, you're not going to damage anything by checking continuity after all.
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I don't have a camera in my apartment. ill try to get a picture of it tomorrow. it's pretty messy looking. a lot of electric tape.
im thinking there might be a short if they didnt know how to solder and just taped everything up
We have a wiring thread that would be very useful, and a picture would actually be less useful than what you should do, which is draw up a diagram of how it is wired, then post that.


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