We're from Coleman looking for a guitar player. We've just recently started out so we don't have too much material that you'd have to catch up on. Most of us have been playing for around 3-5 years. We play stuff around the genres of A Day To Remember. In fact, we ARE A Day To Remember, and we need another guitarist. Disregard the previous message. But seriously, we're around that genre with a little of influence from pop-punk and metal. As you can tell we're all laid-back and easy-going, so message me if you're interested!
If I actually liked ADTR and wasn't in 2 bands already I would take you up on that
"[Bleach] is mostly water, and we are mostly water, therefore we are bleach"

I feel we should go to...

Purple Alert
Haha, well if you ever quit those bands or something happens any time soon...