Does GFS (guitarfetish.com) have good bodies and necks for a superstrat EVH style build? I'm looking at the mahogany strat body (unfinished) and the amber gloss tele neck (will that fit on a strat?). I hate rosewood fret boards on strat necks, I prefer maple. I want to use the VEH (EVH) humbucker for hotter overdrive tones. The neck pickup I want the Classic II (SD Alnico II). For the bridge I think I want the GFS Floyd Rose Fastloader (Speedloader). I want the Gotoh style locking tuners. Pots and switches: http://www.guitarfetish.com/Complete-Les-Paul-Upgrade-Electrical-Component-Kit_p_179.html Les Paul stuff. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Will this sound good? Are the parts good?
Good luck finding strings for a speedloader.......... :/
yeah I said it. What.
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Good luck finding strings for a speedloader.......... :/

The GFS "Fastloader" uses normal strings.
I decided I'm just going to mod my guitar, there's no point in buying completely new parts to make a guitar when I already have half of the stuff I'm going to need on the guitar I already have. But I'm still interested in the neck, VEH pickup, Floyd Rose, and now I want to try the chorus and delay MODboards. I will probably only get one of the modboards, but I still want to know anything you know about them. I'm also interested in the boost preamps.
And one thing I like about the Modboards is that if I don't want it in my guitar anymore, I can put it in a pedal.
I built a Frankenstein guitar out of GFS parts once and it turned out quite well. I like their guitar parts. Haven't tried those electronic bits but if the MODboard sounds anything like the $60 GFS pedal it's pretty awesome.
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