wrist. moving your whole ELBOW just so your finger can pick a few strings isnt economical. sweep picking would use more of your elbow than anything, but even that is minimal.
wrist, alllll wrist man. you really don't wanna bring your elbow into your picking at all except for big acoustic strummy stuff
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I use or try to use my wrist for everything, just make sure your relaxed when using your wrist.
the bigger joint you use to pick, the less acurate your gonna be. use your elbow, and your arms gonna be all over the place. use your wrist you can pick fast while being accurate, and master circle picking by just using your fingers. the ideal picking would be a combination of wrist and circle picking
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Cheers guys. I have been playing 4 years self taught, and recently decided I needed to analyse all my playing and iron out any creases in my technique. I got a mirror and watched my self picking and realised I was doing this all from the elbow, and that it was kind of sloppy, so I am working on fixing it. Just having a few issues getting used to the new ways, which is also resulting in sloppiness.

The pad of my thumb muscle keeps resting on the top of the guitar body when I am doing this, which I am sure is not good, and I am struggling at time to get over 126 bpm with it, which I am sure is partly down the this thumb issue.
You should use the wrist to pick and the elbow to move your hand over whatever string needs to be picked.
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Always wrist man, i play megadeth stuff myself and i use wrist.
I frankly don´t understand people that pick from the elbow.
Like everybody said, use your wrist. Something that helped me with this is placing my pinky on the body of the guitar (I usually rest mine on the side of a pup, this is optional) and use it as a fulcrum. Doing this will almost force you to use your wrist, as moving your elbow to pick will also shift your pinky out of position on the body. This is something that you may want to give a shot.

If you choose not to, the best way to fight picking with your elbow comes down to one word: Discipline! Stop every time you feel yourself playing with your elbow and focus on picking with your wrist. If you've been playing for four years from your elbow this may be a tad bit harder than you anticipated, but trust me when I say it's a necessary fix.

I give you a lot of credit for stopping to analyze your technique, too many people are content with playing wrong but sounding decent. Good luck!

- Justin
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Anyone know any good videos on youtube that go indepth with this, because I'm not good with my wrist

It's just a matter of slowing down and getting used to the motion. Wrist always seemed logical to me, but I see a lot of people use their elbow.
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