the title pretty much says it all. i listen to everything from the beatles to opeth, but my playing style is more Alter Bridge/Breaking Benjamin, although i love the really heavy drop c riffs too. i tried this once before, and no offense to him, but he was too wrapped up in school and that project faded. id like someone a little more serious, even if we only churn out a song every couple weeks. i just wanna feel like im creating something. im open to any contributions, so let me know via PM or email. westley23j@gmail.com

some of my songs are on the website in my signature to give you an idea of my style.
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I personally would love to at least attempt to contribute some vocals to this band how would this be done and what style of vocalist are you looking for? I can sing Emarosa, Breaking Benjamin, and some screamo stuff just to name a few hit me up with all the details
Is online band really possible? If yes, i would be interested to join but i need to know more details. Ill contact you through email. Thanks
Hello, I would be interested to join in the online band. Please reply me how I can get started. Thanks.
I can sing from Metal, to punk, to grindcore, to screamo, to melody, to harmony, and regge... I can sing whatever. But let me know what kind of music sound your looking for and lets talk about what ur tryin to accomplish. Im Bake Pedigo from Colorado. Please message me back, iv been lookin to start another band more than enything. Message me back and hook up some info. B.P.
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