Wrote this a couple of days ago. What do you guys think?

Are there laughs here anymore?
Are you what I’ve been waiting for?
Or are we slowly dying
Hoping to be saved

Our jokes, our laughs have stopped with time
Will you ever again be mine?
We’re now falling apart with the end of the world

Do you still believe in the things you liked before?
Are you moving towards the edge?
Or from salvations end
Do you care to engage in a loving game?
Or would you rather be pampered in fame?

I laid out our destiny, and found our base
Mindless addiction to slow the decay
And when you are gone whom the **** will take your place?

Make no mistake, I’m sure afraid
To know what you’re thinking, in any way
Lets raise the stakes, on the bet we made
We can’t lose this ride, so please keep holding on