My guitar teacher has this Jackson Soloist from '86. Two Seymour duncan humbuckers, floyd rose, neck-thru and kill switch, along with 24 frets. I told him I'd buy it, hes only charging $199! I played it for a week, perfect condition, but i might swap the licensed jackson floyd for an original for around $170.

They pickups are killer, real heavy tone, crisp clean tones, kick ass headstock *like all Jacksons*

Think this is a good deal? I got my ESP about 4 months ago with same specs sept it has floyd rose special and EMG 81s *great for metal and shred*

So what do you think? $200 a bargain? I think so
Sounds like a great deal to me.. I'd hit that up before someone else does... Even if its mislabeled or anything it'd be a good deal for a soloist.
It's an LTD not an ESP.

Yeah good deal.

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