I've been playing over a year now and strumming has always been a problem for me. I just got a laptop and started recording myself playing and I can't help but notice I sound really "choppy" when I play it back. I'd watch youtube videos of songs and they play it so clear (other non-professional guitarists, but as they should since their probably better) but when I give it my best imitation, and its not like I'm just starting out, it sounds like a mess and not together. My chords are fine, the progression between them isn't perfect but it still shouldn't sound so choppy. I'm self taught so its not like I necessarily have any advice coming in. Any tips/advice why it could be? Thanks
Slow down until you can do it cleanly, take your time and don't try and make yourself go any faster than you can comfortably get it right, you'll just teach yourself bad habits.

Don't hurry it, just gradually speed up until you get to where you need to be.
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learn a song with strumming and practice getting the patterns down
i started with like OAR stuff (e.g - About an hour ago)
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