I saw this guitar (Alvarez RF010 Regent ) on sale for $70, it was listed as 120. I have no experience and i think this would be a great start. Considering the price is the guitar worth it?
sure. its cheap and I hear decent things about Alvarez. probably a good start to get your feet wet. be prepared to have to upgrade to a better guitar though if you stick with it for any length of time.
It's proabably as good as anything you will get for $70 but if you're at all serious about playing the guitar you should save until you can afford something that at least has a solid top.
it's a smaller all laminate guitar, so don't expect miracles. alvarez makes some good guitars, but this is a lower end entry level, and so some corners may be cut in order to sell that cheap. still, for $70 it seems like a good deal. is it used? i'm not seeing it anywhere that low.
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it was on sale at Guitar Center. I wound up picking one up at that price for my first acoustic. It's not a bad guitar for the price. No it's not going to sound the best, but for less than the cost of a tank of premium gas, it was hard to pass up.

I think the sale is over though. When the clerk rang it up he had to get a manager over ride and was told "that tag should have been removed." Still, at this point I haven't had any major issues with the thing.