I used this once before, but things happened and now I've gone from being in a DT-type of band to being the sole guitarist in a screemo band in Oshawa, On. Because of having to shift focus to basic/short songs, I'm missing prog alot (but I'm still sticking with the band, and still enjoy the music). Because of college, I'm rooted in Oakville for the better part of 3 years (Whitby/Oshawa being my summer) so if there are people from either area interested that would be good for me, but I really want the right band so I don't really care where you're from.

I want to avoid the DT shred style songs and go more towards interesting songs that don't need shredding to keep interest (some songs with melodic solos, others without solos). My biggest influences are Fates Warning, Threshold and Redemption (which somewhat contradicts part of my last sentence I guess).

What I'm looking for is vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.

If anyone's interested post your email (or whatever) on here and we'll see how everything plays out.