This is a piece I worked on.....It comes off as an attack on religion but its aimed more at the radical people of all religions along with anyone who chooses for someone else what they should do/believe. Thanks ahead of time for the read

To see, to feed, to wake
to the lights on all sides that beckon to me
for my decision. they wait to see,
upon which path my feet will fall

Perhaps with a little push

Can't it wait? Can I experience?
All that life has to bring, before you throw at me,
your explanation, diluting my destiny.

If I grow into what you want me to be, Fine.
If I believe all you want me to believe, I
don't believe I can make any mark other than, My
deepening of the footprints you've already made.

Force, brings rebellion, crashes around you
More, brings dissatisfaction, chains that've bound you

Sight, brings enlightment, to all that can be
Right, brings intuition, making me, me

And For you?!

Did it wait? What did you see?
All that life has? Or what they threw at you?
Their explanation, prompts you to

Grow into what they wanted you to be, you've
made such a pretty pet and not known the moves
you've copied, deepened in the sand, know now
that your footprints are irrelevant

Come and See how good I look!

You Stay Classy, Ultimate Guitar