are they the same thing? i was under the impression that they are. has anyone gotten a chance to use any? the glaswerks and port city models look as though they would sound simply heavenly (have also heard alot of praise about them). might be getting one of these eventually. just wanted a little bit of input.
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Detuned cabs are apparently just a regular cab with half the speakers taken out and the holes not filled. So buy a 2 x 12 and rip out one of the speakers and apparently it will sound great (Actually, it will just sound like it has more bass to it). Just remember to leave the cab on the floor or it will sound like crap. Some manufacturers build "detuned" cabs, but they are basically just a moderately deep cabinet with a sealed back and a big ol' hole in the front. If you actually design a particular hole size, you really couldn't call it "detuned" could you? The detuned cabs are another result of guitarists trying to get a "heavier" sound.

Ported cabinets actually have some thought put into it and the port generally works within a set frequency range to accentuate the sound of the cab (or "tune" it).
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This Detuned idea sounds so silly.
If you want only one speaker in your 2x12" cab(Example) to get better low frequency's, you're better off to not haul a 2x12" cab around and risk the Sound Engineer putting the mic where there isn't even a speaker(On some amps, speaker location is quite confusing especially in the dark). Get a 1x12" Ported cab.
With Ports, you can actually "Tune" the cab with the port sizes. If you want more info on this, I believe Phil Star may have written something about this. Another place to check would be in GB&C. BubonicChronic made a Cab Building tutorial, and it may have included ports.
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for guitar cabs...there's actually very little engineering that goes into a ported or detuned cab.

It's sort of a brute force/dummy approach like a lot of guitar tech.

A port or reflected baffling will lower the resonance of your cab which means more bass and tighter bass, theoretically.

How much? No one knows.
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Personally, I prefer the sound of an open-backed guitar cab to closed-back. So there's no port possibility for me.

The "tuning" of the cab is really only used in PA Speakers and Bass cabs. There is actually a lot of Physics which go into the design of a PA Speaker.
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