Instrumental metal... sounds like it'd be pretty boring... well, i'll tell ya something: Blue Sky Bleeding Black is anything BUT boring. Heavy riffs, and flaming solos, we keep things interesting in our songs. ...I sound like a spokesperson... oh well. ANYWAY, we don't have any recordings yet, because we don't have any good recording equipment yet. That will come soon. But, we've gotten most of our first album "Frozen" finished (one song left). Next on the to-do list for us is to finally record the thing. THEN, we'll be playing a gig in Woodstock, Georgia in late May, just to try and get us on our feet. Blue Sky Bleeding Black is a death metal/metalcore instrumental band, based in Canton Georgia.

I'll edit this post when we get more done.

Band Members:
Stephen Bingham - Lead guitar
Kaelan Shallow - Rhythm guitar
Thad Owings - Bass
Bradley DeVore - Drummer
Our first concert is planning on being at The Warehouse venue in Woodstock, Georgia, May 21st. Any who are interested in our style of music and are able to come will be welcomed! More information will be given in time.
Two changes: The concert has been moved to a later date; most likely June 4th. The venue is actually in Kennesaw, Georgia. More details will be provided at a later date.
We'll be getting those in either next week or the week after. It's a bit hard for us to get music recorded since the band's at boarding school... but i have some contacts near where i live, and i go home on the weekends.