I can't stand unintelligible screaming and blast beats, but the production's actually quite nice, and the drums sound very natural for something programmed.
lol, then i cant see how the title "low tuned metal" would catch your attention. thank you though, and jus and t because you cant understand him, dosent make it unintelligable. we put hours into the placement, pronunication and general pitch of all the vocals not to mention hes kind of an amatuer screamer.

i was very pleased with the production myself, for being a bedroom "studio" haha
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Not sure what you are using for drums but I would pick another snare. Another than that the kit sounds pretty good.

I wouldn't call the vocals unintelligible, I can't make out everything he says only because I am not accustomed to him. I can understand growls, screams, anything perfectly fine once I adjust to the singer, so thats not a problem. I would pan the screams center so you get that evil growl/scream layered effects. The panning to the right weakens them a tad.

Other than that the production is pretty good, especially considering if its done in a bedroom. Guitars are tight, low end is good, so a pretty solid track through and through.
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the snare is mixed default dkfh with a drumagog sample thats more clicky/poppy.

the vocals are going to be reworked as our new vocalist isnt sure what hes going to do for this. the gutterals dont even have lyrics yet or placement.

i also re-recorded my bassist with his bass and sansamp soudn better, ill post that in a bit
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I like this. Not my style of choice but the music is great from an objective standpoint.
I can't comment on the mixing more than what has been said