Hey guys, I've been playing guitar for a while, so I know my way around.. and around, electric guitars and amps. I started playing guitar on a first act acoustic and soon made the jump to electric. Ever since then I've always played electric, and have kinda shafted acoustic haha. Lately I've been really liking messing around on acoustic, singing, busking, and what not. My friend bought a $125 Mitchell( not sure which model) acoustic guitar as a beater for the beach last summer, and he ended up liking it as much as some of his more expensive ones. I played it and I really like the sound, factory setup, and overall feel for a 125 dollar guitar. I'm finally gonna have some money, and I'd like to purchase a decent acoustic. From what I've tried it seems like that Mitchell is a very decent guitar, however I don't know if he just lucked out, he just makes it seem good because of his skill,or its a decent guitar. I'd like to stay around that price range, and I'm just wondering IF there are better guitars out there in that price rang. I'm willing to look used, but again I'm very ignorant when it comes to acoustics.

Thanks guys
I have a yamaha fg700s. It was only £200, and it seems like a really good guitar. It gets great reviews and I havent had a problem with it.
When you get to the $200 price range, it starts to get competitive. The real manufacturers start to separate themselves clearly from the junk pile.

Take a look at this one:

Yamaha is a competitive instrument manufacturer. If you look at the total cost of ownership, you can sell it for more money. So although it's $75 more than $125, you will probably get a lot of the price difference back in terms of resale. People know Yamaha, it's a trusted brand. If you try to sell a no-name brand, people will be like "what is that?"

Then again, you may want to keep it for ten years. So for $7.50 a year you're in a much better place.

I would avoid acoustic-electrics at the $200 price point. Get a pure acoustic guitar, and have the full $200 put into the actual guitar.
Alright, thanks a lot guys for the help. It's probably definitely gonna be between the Mitchell and the Yamaha, is I'm going up to about $200. I was looking some stuff up about them, and the Yamaha seemed to be a guitar that was available in a "starter package". Obviously I'd get it by itself, but from what I know about electric, the starter guitars are really just that, sometimes less. I mean to the point where they are frustrating to pay, bad necks, horrible tuning stability and intonation etc. ( Don't get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with upgrading a squier but anyways... ) I don't want this acoustic to be something crappy that I'm not gonna be able to enjoy or ever wanna play, I'm not expecting a world class guitar, but basically a beater, that gets the job done and I'm not afraid to take outside.

Sorry for the long post, maybe some of you guys who have first hand experience could shed some more light on this, as all the reviews I've looked up have been from well.. beginners.
Yamaha is a good choice. If you like a bit more bling I'd say to try the Epiphone Hummingbird Artist at $249. Solid top, inlays etc. and they sound awesome IMHO.

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