So me and some guys from our church youth will be doing a party and appreciation day thingy for the girls. The guys will be doing a short rap for them and me and a friend hate rap so we're not participating, but we decided to write our own song for the girls.

So I'm doing the music part and he's writing the lyrics. I've come up with a chord progression for the verse and chorus.

It uses a bunch of sus chords, but is there any other way to spice it up?

Key of D, chorus starts at bar 17

There will be a possibility that my friend would sing and play rhythm at the same time, so if that would be the case, I'd possibly add a little solo or lead line somewhere in there.
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what i like to do when i play for church, is find a melody, in or case the key of d, and add it to the chords.or add a bass line. for example when you swith to a Bm from a D, hit the C# with your pinky the quater beat before the switch