I have a question about a little part of song of mine. I'm not too good on theory etc and so I really would like some help on finding the key and notes in this key.

On the intro I -basically- use these chords(*). Very simple. My question is as easy as well, what Key am I playing in? Is it the simple Fminor key? If so, what notes are in this key? Are notes in a key to be found by using the whole-whole-half-whole (steps) somethingsomething trick?

As stated I don't really know this all too well; please help me out so I'll never have to ask again

*the chords......
Here's a helpful tool: http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/chords-to-scale.php

My guess is Fm would work, some of the chords don't quite fit but would really depend on how much time you time you spend in that chord (is it a whole measure, or a passing 16th note). For example, Jazz chords/songs tend to have a lot of 'accidentals' that flow nice for that style, but aren't directly in that key.
Cm or D# Major might also work, depending on the feel you're going for. Shredding? Try D locrian mode...
It's your song, you get to decide! :-)
The C7sus2 (least I think it's that) contains the only accidental (D) out of key.

F minor - F, G, Ab, Bb, C, Db, Eb (Relative - Ab major)
Yeah The strange chord got me quite confused.. Thanks though, I think Ive got what I need. It's supposed to be a sad (lead-)guitar based song btw
Basically you have a progression which goes Fm - Cm. Most likely an i - v progression in Fm. Yes there are slight variations on the chords but it's not that relevant in finding the key.

The notes in the key of F minor are those in the F minor scale.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
You have Fm Fm7sus2 Cm Cm7sus2. It could either be a i v in F minor or iv i in C minor, depending on how you want them to function.
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