Seymour Duncan 59' bridge or dimarzio PAF DP223.
if you know anything about either, or which would be better as a replacement for the original humbucker in my HSS strat; please help me! by the way i play blues and classic rock.
What's your amp?
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They're both excellent choices. I myself prefer the '59 though. As far as DiMarzio goes, I think that the Air Classic is a better PAF pickup than the PAF 36th Anniversary.

But dark Mass has a pretty good point. What amp are you playing through?
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i didnt ask you if air zone was a nice choice. can somebody please answer my original question in plain terms.
No one can answer your question but you.
Asking which is better is like asking whether bananas or oranges are better, its completely subjective. Some people like bananas better, some like oranges better. Some like apples.

Either would be suitable for your needs, but no-one can tell which you'd like better.
the 59' is slightly mid scooped. the 36th anniversary has more mids. your choice. both are good.
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