some times i try to learn some songs by ear i can do it if it is just some notes or some power chords ... but i i can't do it if it's a song who use some minor majeur..... chords plz help me..

and my other question is
there is some guys who practice alternative picking for hours evry day i want to do the same thing to make my alt picking good ... but i don't know what to practice for hours just alt ... so give me some good exercises plz
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For chords, memorize the chords first. Concentrate on their sound and learn them all over the fretboard, start with basic triads (look into music theory if you don't know what they are) and when you get them start with sevenths and so on...

For alternate picking just practice each string with right hand only for a while everyday. Adding the other hand too early can lead to a bad technique as hands do not have any kind of connection, so you gotta think about both of them separately sometimes. Just start very slow watching the right hand and concentrating on relaxing it after each stroke.
When your good enough just go slower and play scales or whatever.