hey guys...
so i bought this guitar..its a CORT X6

it has a Floyd rose tremolo
Bluebucker BBHGB-BBMMSB-BBHGB (H-S-H) pickups
am a new guitar player so i don't know that much..am still learning
and i really want to play metal music not rock/blues stuff
so is this the appropriate guitar for that? or....what do you think?

btw...the pics are not for MY guitar..but its the same isn't it :p
You have humbuckers, which most would prefer for metal. So yes, that guitar will suit you fine. Having never played or even heard of it myself, I can't comment on it.

Your amp matters more for what genre you'd be playing, technically. That makes your tone, not the instrument itself.

Now another thing, though, the tremolo might cause some issues. A lot of metal music is de-tuned. You're most likely in E standard tuning. Tremolos are a bitch to set up and change tunings with.
I would like it more as a flat top, other than that.. looks fine for a "learning" instrument. \m/
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looks cool man, and if you are playing metal you will love the 24 fret neck lol
am happy its the right guitar for me....
i was going for a BC Rich but a more low end guitar and...idk..i liked the sound of this one better
I think you will find the floyd a pain in the ass tbh. esp on your first guitar.

Soooo id be looking at what dropped tuning you want to use for your metal, and then get it setup by a pro, and ask them how to change strings on it so the setup remains.

other than that, ahve a blast.
I hate floyd roses. I'll never utilize a whammy bar so I really don't need it. All my next guitars won't have them
Quote by loltroll
Soooo id be looking at what dropped tuning you want to use for your metal...

I think it'd be fine...if you can get used to the trem personally I wouldnt use it just cuz of the trem
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actually i dont think i will use the tremolo...
and i'll play in drop d or drop c as most of the bands i like plays that

btw...am trying to get the sound and tune of alexi lahio's guitar from children of bodom
still..i have no idea what amp or effects i should get
having a tremolo is one of the key factors to getting alexi's style.....however they can be difficult to maintain(restring and tune)

not recommended for drop tunings either

check out some of the lowend/midrange hardtail Schecters/ESP Ltd/Ibanez/Agiles(If you live in the US)

as for an amp.....Peavey Vypyr 15 or a digital guitar interface(Line 6 POD Farm/Amplitube/Peavey Revalver) you will need a decent PC to run the software....but nothing to steep
Quote by Pikka Bird

well its not like he is going to play it in standard now is he, so if you have any common sense you will realise that with a floyd setup, to get the guitar setup right you need to know what tuning your in so you can adjust everything to suit (truss rod, string action, intonation). If he want to play in C standard, or drop C# or drop B standard, or open G or open D then it needs to be setup to suit, even more so with a trem system. But i guess this whole idea of setting up a guitar properly is above your head right? didnt think id have to spell this out but oh wells.