Here's my attempt to make an instrumental track..It's SO hard to make it "right"..
But I've managed to establish a guitartheme..after the piano/cello intro.
It's much easier to cover any instrumental than making one !
More to come, this is just the basic recording,the guitar may rise an octave.

The tune is "MayFirstFinished" (will be "Ode to May " when it's finished.)

Thanks for listening, please comment !! A lot ;-)

Great spacey feel to it. I felt a little iffy with the melody at first but when it came all together it had a awesome effect. It made me think of a twisted carnival for some reason at first.. I have no idea lol perhaps that's just me on a few hours of sleep. The guitar solo was spot on. And the all of the transitions sounded great. You've definitely done your VST's justice. To me, it didn't have a definite ending. On a second thought, the ending could work in this case.. Some pieces do have that ending that just leave you hanging. Depends on your taste and intentions. Overall, great piece!
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This is pretty great actually.
The drum sounds could use improvement, but I like it.
the intro is lovely and it sounds great when it all kicks in at 0:25.
the guitar leads sound fine too. not a bad style. sounds developed, which is something so many people lack. I like the whammy usage. (in your other track as well)

overall, it was great. it could be a little longer but it's good. the other track on there is nice too.
Hi, and thanks to Chad120 (a great composer btw) and TechnicolorType !
I should have mentioned in my first post that the song is absolutely not finished..
I need another section, maybe a guitarsolo and an ending.The ending now is just a cut and paste from the intro.
TechnicolorType has a great ear, the drums are the only instrument I haven't adjusted with reverb,compression and stuff so far.
Spent some weeks doing/redoing the orchestration, the fewer instruments the more difficult it is.
The guitar was done in approx 5 minutes, just a test for melody.
Thanks for listening, you inspire me !
More comments welcome !