Hey guys, i need some advice of this guitar and whether its worth the money or not.


What are yamaha acoustics like?

Currently got a small budget so this is all i can afford for now, any advice is appreciated!
im not a big fan of yamaha acoustics. my buddies got one and i just dont like the neck feel or the sound. but as with every guitar, it comes down to you. so head down to your local store, and play every guitar if you have to, and find the ones you like.
anything from argos will be dire chances are, i guess your in the UK so go down to Dawsons or something, they'll help you out!
guitarguitar.co.uk is a great UK based guitar shop. Its where I have bought my guitars. Shop is massive in Edinburgh with plenty of choice and the workers are happy to help.

When I was buying my first acoustic I couldnt play one chord, but a member of staff showed me some guitars in my price range and sat and played a few to let me hear what they sounded like. Great shop, not exactly discounted gear though, but they know what they are talking about.
I'm really not big on Yamahas. Some of them are really nice, but the build quality isn't exactly... reliable?? It's kinda like Ibanez. You have to get an expensive one to get a really great one. Takamines are always great guitars. Tune it down a full step (on the cheaper ones) and you've got one great guitar.
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actually i find most yamahas have excellent and consistent build quality. they make some of the best entry level all lam guitars around. that being said, if you can afford a yamaha fg700s, that would be a better guitar. if not, i'd suggest a yamaha f335.

btw, that's a good price for the guitar. you can here 3 soundclips from it here
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