I'm sorry for the strange title, I couldn't describe it better as english isn't my native language!
I just came up with an idea and wanted to see if you guys have seen something like it around. Harmonizing melodies and solos for songs is quite cool, and even though it's not hard, it does actually take a little time to figure out where the notes are. Therefore, wouldn't it be quite handy with a program/on-site app/function in a tab program that you can use to harmonize a certain melody or solo? For example: you have tabbed a short solo, and you want to harmonize it in thirds. Then, you can just write the notes into a tabulature pattern and choose what sort of harmonization you want, in this case thirds, and woop - a second "track" pops up which plays the same melody but in thirds. Wouldn't it be quite handy? Should be quite easy to code aswell.

Just a thought, though!
any harmonizer will do, there are plenty of them

also, record the harmony yourself, is not that hard
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I think you misunderstood me - I do not want it to play a harmonization of the melody I'm playing. I just want to be able to write a tabulature, click a button and get a harmonized version of the same notes that I just wrote - only to ease songwriting!
Your original post was quite clear, and your English is good.

Unfortunately I don't know of such a program. I agree it could be quite useful.
GS LEAD 5: Oh, do they have a function like that in gp5?
Jehannum: Thanks! Yeah, thought so aswell, especially if you're just sitting in front of the computer without your guitar at hand.
You can do it in Guitar Pro. Select the part you want to harmonise, and then it's something like "Tools/Options, Transpose" - then select whether you want it to go up or down.
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That only works for set intervals, so only harmonizing in octaves, fifths or fourths will work that way.

Yeah, that's what I found out aswell. I tried it and it didn't work harmonizing in thirds, as far as I could see. Too bad