Does anyone like the guitar playing of George Lynch? I'm not crazy about some of his Dokken work, mostly due to the song writing of Don Dokken and from time to time, some of the vocal harmonies to certain songs. Overall, I think George Lynch's best achievement was the Lynch Mob album Wicked Sensation.

which brings me to the reason for this post. Is there anyone out there good at making a Guitar Pro tabs? there seems to be very little Lynch Mob stuff and I started working on a tab for the song "All I Want" from the album Wicked Sensation.

I imported the Power tab version of the song here at Ultimate Guitar, but there was no bass or drums. So I ended up taking a silly Melissa Etheridge song "I'm the only one" which happened to have the beat and the Key of the song, and I was able to format the bass and drums for the Lynch song. It's not perfect, but timing and song structure wise, it works, I can't seem to layer the guitar power tab over what I have so far.

Can someone help me out with this? if so, drop me a line at Nightwng98@aol.com.