hi there
just wondering, i was gonna get one of these originally http://www.wembleyguitarcentre.com/Catalogue/Guitar-Centre/Guitar-Amps/Orange-Guitar-Amps/Orange-240-Watt-4x12-Guitar-Cabinet-Closed-Back-PPC412 2nd hand for 400

but then i found this

online for 200

i know one is slant one is straight but is there any other differences?
the slant one is signature i know, and i know the wood is thicker
just wanna know what diff in sound there is?
They don't seem too different to me. Maybe go to a music store and if you can, try them both out. Then buy whichever you like from where you found them online. Or just pick whichever you think you would prefer, Orange make good stuff, I doubt you would be dissaponted either way.
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200 is an absolute bargain

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