Im considering re-tubing my Peavey JSX as i got it 2nd hand so i want to make sure the sound is as good as it can be.
the thing is, I am CLUELESS when it comes to tubes :')))

i know there are El34's and all the JJ, Ruby stuff but knowing what they do for me and how they sound is different

I basically want to know whether i should get EL34's or 6L6GC's put into my JSX??
https://ssl.eurotubes.com/cart/index.php?page=view_products&category_id=8&sub_category_id=116.%A0 gave me a slight view of what they do but i need more opinions and stuff really
on that link it says i can install KT77's but i've only ever saw 6l6 el34 on any other website?

I mainly play Metalcore/Melodic Hardcore/Hardcore (www.facebook.com/hatethefaith is my band if that helps?)
i dont want something high gain \mmmmm/ i want something that will cut through the mix in a live show and make my JSX sound god-like

ALSO; i dont know whether this will sound novice or not, but do i need to change my preamp tubes too? or what
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naming your thread

"best tubes for a JSX"

would probably have been a better way to get what you are looking for.

JJ or EH EL34s would be fine. i prefer EH but ymmv.

as far as preamp tubes, tungsol, EH or mullards, but probably a mix of them would sound best. where each tube would sound best is subjective so posting thoughts is kinda moot. you have to try them.

KT77s could be a better option for power tubes, though i have not had a set of them to try out yet.
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First, check out The Tube Thread if you haven't already.

Here is a great article from Mesa Boogie on how power tubes compare to each other.
You should know Mesa admits their bias toward 6L6's.

Here's the main part:

Sonically speaking, 6L6s are well-known for being versatile and balanced across their entire range of low, mid and high frequencies. They are often loosely referred to as being ‘fat and round’ with a musically blooming bass response but they are also well regarded for being brilliant, detailed, sparkling and ‘open’ in high-end and presence frequency ranges. With the 6L6 being so well balanced yet bass-full and high-end brilliant, you might be thinking to yourself that the 6L6 has everything anyone could ever want from a tube… and Mesa’s history tends to agree.

The 6L6 is easily the most versatile tube for any styles from pristine clean for jazz to mind-numbing metal and anything in between. The same headroom that delivers full range clean tones simultaneously offers the same clarity to support huge but accurate low-end with modern high gain applications. Versatility being one of the cornerstones of Mesa products, the vast majority of Mesa amps have either been designed specifically with 6L6s only, or, those amps with the Switchable Bias are originally shipped with 6L6s from the factory. Beyond its expansive sonic signature, 6L6 tubes are consistent, reliable and a mainstay for tube guitar amplifiers since the inception of guitar amplification.

While Mesa admittedly has a bias toward the 6L6 as the go-to, big bottle tube, there are characteristics of EL-34s that are undeniably rooted in rock ‘n’ roll that make the skinnier bottle ‘34 well worthy of it’s position in rock history. In bass frequencies, EL-34s tend to offer less bass in low frequency ranges (in the sub-low regions) compared to 6L6s, BUT – the higher bass this tube DOES generate is more focused, tight and extremely punchy. The frequency of this punch is similar to the kick drum punch range – closer to the beaters’ attack frequency than the sub-air that comes out of a kick drum’s front head.

Another key signature of EL-34 character is its considerable peak in upper midrange and low treble regions in addition to an overall brighter disposition. It’s this upper-mid/low-treble peak that is the true signature of the EL-34 gain and it’s also the range where harmonic layering in distortion sounds begins to stack up in earnest. It’s also this frequency range that has the potential to produce what many refer to as “icepick” frequencies – unpleasant brightness that stings your ears. Careful settings of middle, treble and presence controls is crucial to avoid exposing you, your bandmates and your audience to these “icepick” settings. When tastefully set, there is an unmistakable and musical edge, cut and bite from EL-34s which lends itself well to medium preamp gain settings, heavy handed attack, and power tubes pushed into overdrive as amp Masters get cranked. This is where the EL-34 shines!
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...for the gigs im going to be playing its going to be 60% tone and 40% stage look, and I'd like the look of my rig to be able to back up its sound.

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naming your thread

"best tubes for a JSX"

would probably have been a better way to get what you are looking for.


happy? haha
thanks for the response man ill check out EH now