ok so for my 18th birthday my parents are giving me 2k for a guitar. plus i can combined that with any money i can save up. which at most could be another 2k.

and im thinking i might get one of these:

or a prs of some sort.

but will the LPCs in that finish still be available later in the year? (think like november-december)

this is not a which guitar thread, im just asking about the LPC and if ill be able to find it later this year

worst case, i get a custom built guitar to my specs
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man, i'm sure that guitar will still be available...buuut....

please don't buy a new guitar. it's such a bad bad use of money.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
If they discontinue it, trust me, you can find one. Silverbursts are all over the place. Hell, there's one of that exact model in a pawn shop down the road from my house right now for three grand that's never been played, with the neat little Gibson Custom Shop certificate. I feel obligated to point out that it's not really a four thousand dollar guitar, though. There's much better to be had for less. If nothing else, you could find an equal or better Les Paul used for less than that.
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man, i'm sure that guitar will still be available...buuut....

please don't buy a new guitar. it's such a bad bad use of money.

Couldn't agree more. You could always go for a 2k guitar and then the other 2k on a Amp!

I'd have something like this

and http://cgi.ebay.com/Marshall-Silver-Jubilee-2555-100-watt-Guitar-Amp-Head-/230598444476?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35b0bd05bc

but depends what sort of sound you want.
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dont worry im not set on that guitar, im not set on any guitar right now, just want to know its availability when id be looking to buy.

and id preferabbly looking to buy new, im fine with buying used gear, guitars id rather have new

but im still open to suggestions as i have pretty much all year to decide. im also looking at a prs custom 24 or custom 22 too.
Gibson's "limited" runs usually mean they make the guitar for one year and that's it. Sometimes it's longer or shorter than that or sometimes it's fixed to an actual number, but a year of regular production is the most common way they handle it. But they've bought the silverburst finish back tons of times, it's practically a standard finish by now. Even if this run is limited there will probably be another run not long after and it's not like these guitars fly off the shelves either. You'll always be able to find a silverburst LP somewhere.

If you like the silverburst then that's fair enough but do remember it's no different from other LP Customs. You're paying a fair bit more just for the fact that it's a 'special' finish and the fact that it's listed as a limited run. It's not really a collector's guitar though and mechanically it's no different from the other Gibson LP Customs. So if you really love the silverburst finish then go for it but if you just want a Gibson LP then there are far better, more cost effective options.
I really don't get the need to own a $4K guitar....especially if you're 18 and blowing every single bit of your money on it. Go spend $800 on one of the new Maple Topped LP Faded Studios and have some fun with the remaining $3,200.
just gonna point out here, the silverburst finish is the same price as the normal LPC on MF.

but right now heres what im thinking, im not set on any of these ideas yet

prs custom 24/22
gibson les paul of some sort
gibson explorer, then mod it to hell
custom built explorer but a luthier

i was just asking about the finsih run, i have the answer now. i really dont need you guys telling me to spend 2k+ on a used guitar. i know what yo think on used gear, and i dont agree with that.
i mean i've bought plenty of new guitars....

but almost 4k on a les paul from the custom shop that's not a historic reissue is actually just stupid.
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Yeah seriously if you're going to splash out on a Gibson CS guitar then make it one of their top models and grab yourself a R8, R9 or R0.
How about a silverburst Explorer like they just released? That'll only set you back $1700 so you can pretty much get whatever other gear you want.
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id seriously go with that, but i also have a thing against buying signature guitars.

but its not that i want a guitar with a silverburst finish, because ive seen a few studios for 1300 that were perfectly fine and were silverburst
If you're not fussed about the silverburst then seriously look at the Historic Reissues instead. They're the top of Gibson's line, if that's the kind of price range you're looking at then there's little reason to bother with anything else.
In your price range you could get almost anything. You could get a Suhr, an Ormsby, 2 completely different Warmoths (I'd probably go for this), an ESP CS, a Warmoth and an awesome amp, etc.

What do you play? We need to know what your needs are before telling you if a 4k guitar is the right choice for you....
buy a nice guitar for 1500-2k.

use the rest and go travel overseas.

best way i could use 4 grand when i was 18