So I was in my local music shop today and, nestled away behind some Gretsches, I spotted a 2000 Sunn T50C. I may have weed myself a little, I don't remember. The whole incident is kind of a blur now. Anyway, I know of the Sunn name via the band and the reputation of the Model T, but I don't know if the T50C is worth getting. I want it for low-end-heavy metal of a Neurosis or Cult of Luna bent (with occasional forrays into drone territory because - well, what else is a guy to do when faced with that logo?) and was wondering if this'll do what I want it for. Any opinions?

(I'm only asking because I'll have to save for it to get it and I don't know if they'll let me play it without money in my pocket, and I'll have to take my own detuned guitar in, so I want to know if it's worth the effort.)
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