Okay, so I ordered a Bare Knuckle Painkiller pickup (just for bridge) about a month ago from guitarasylum.com and their just taking their sweet sweet time on getting them to me. I actually called them yesterday and they dont even have them in yet so I think its more Bare Knuckle's fault. But anyways, yesterday after I had talked to them I found a Dimarzio CrunchLab on Musiciansfriend.com and this is supposed to be a really good pickup too.

So, what should i do? Should I wait it out for the Bare Knuckle pup or should I call them back and cancel my order and get the Dimarzio? Basicly, Bare Knuckle versus Dimarzio.

PS: which ever pup I get will be going into an Ibanez S7320
Wait for the BKP to arrive.
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depends on how backed up tim is. could take a few days. could take a couple of months.
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the BKPs are worth waiting for, as great as the Crunch lab is personally its not a touch on the Painkiller
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