are there any scales that actually sound good that use a diatonic base but also incorporate more notes from the chromatic scale, like the blues does with pentatonic scales?

I like the sound of a natural minor with a flat seventh and a major seventh, but as far as I know it has no name
if you change the natural minor seventh(dominant) for a major seventh then its the harmonic scale
TBH i don't think scales EVER sound good - it's how you use them to create music.

So yes i'm sure there are additional scales such as the half-whole etc - but I think if you want something that sounds good take the major/minor and add accidentals in where they're needed and will add to the music
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TBH i don't think scales EVER sound good

tell that to vivaldi, mozart, haydn, etc.
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I don't know what you mean by "sounds good" but there are scales that have more notes than 7. For instance, the Ocatonic scale (people around here call it something different, but I can't for the life of me think what it is) has 8 notes. But if a scale has a diatonic basis then it's simply a diatonic scale with chromatic intervals.
a bebop scale is pretty much what your refering to.
play any scale in a group of 8 eighth notes. add a chromatic passing tone so that it falls on a weak beat and the 1-3-5-and 7 of the chord/scale fall on a strong beat.
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tell that to vivaldi, mozart, haydn, etc.

More like "tell that to the entirety of tonal music."

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TBH i don't think scales EVER sound good - it's how you use them to create music.

That's like saying I don't think letters are good, it's how you use them to make words. The reason the notes sound good in context is because of the tonality created by the harmonization of the chords and the matched tonality of the scale.
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Mixo-blues is nice: 1 2 b3 3 4 b5 5 6 b7. Useless for harmonizing, but it contains the good notes for a blues solo.

That's what I was going suggest.

I have a full blown tutorial on the scale here: http://lessons.mikedodge.com

Look for the Advanced Pentatonic Tutorial. And READ the Introduction!!!

There are over 50 lessons/examples on using the scale. And I'll show you plenty of places you've heard it used before. I'll also show you how this one scale is used in a ton of different styles too. You'll probably use this info the rest of your life.

It's a 9 note scale right out of the box but I'll also show the place you can use the remaining three notes to get you to a chromatic scale, or at leasr how to put all 12 notes into play.
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