Hi all,

My mate and I have just put the finishing touches to this track. I'll level with you, it's pretty lengthy but we are happy with it. Any comments on composition, playing, production etc. are very welcome. Also we're looking for a drummer so if you are a drummer in or near Surrey, UK then feel free to get in touch. C4C of course.

I quite like your song. The way you transition from cleaner acoustic melodies to heavier rhythm reminds me greatly of Opeth. Lol it being 10 minutes long is very Opeth-like as well. The riffs fit really well with the song and it's put together in a cohesive way. I do like the clean vox as well, it seemed they were a little quiet in one part but that may be because I'm listening to it through an iPhone speaker lol. Production-wise it seems you have pretty good control of your mix. Nothing's too loud, nothing's too soft except maybe for that clean vocal part in the middle. Overall, it's music I would enjoy listening to.

I just uploaded a new demo to my UG profile from my solo project (so far!) Towers Of Babylon. I've got two songs up as of right now. I really appreciate any criticism or comments on my songs.

I think your stuff it's great man! theres only a couple of thinks that I think sounds kind of weird, the solo part or mini solo is out of tune, you need to check the scale again there, the tone of the lead guitar there its too high in terms of eq, I think you need to less highs there, but overall its a great piece, keep up the good work \m/_

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Commenting as I go.

Intro is nice, Id take some gain off the lead tone a tad though, Just personal preference. Rhythm guitar is a bit muddy, maybe pan it further out. The octaves are nice, I definitely hear the opeth influence. Love the riff over the vocals, very cool. The vocals are good as well, they sound a bit dry though, add some reverb to liven them up a bit, other than that the vocalist is good.

Song has picked up pace, Vocalist reminds me a bit of Daath right now, which is good thing. Solo seems to be doubled and panned L/R, I'd keep it a single track and center it, sounds better in the mix I think.

Side note: Like to read the lyrics with this, from what I am catching it sounds good.

Song is in transition now, I am liking it. Clean vocals seem a bit flat and low in the mix, also a bit dry. Maybe a chorus to distinguish them more.

Second solo kicked in, I like how this one is panned, just needs to be raised a bit, Tone is also pretty solid. Some bends are a tad off but its not too big.

The tapping part I'd also once again say should be centered instead of panned. Also add some nice big harmonies too it, its begging for it.

Third solo (Might be counting wrong), It has the wah effect which works nice, reminds me of Daylight Dies, which is good.

Slow chuggy-like riff has kicked in, cool stuff. I feel like the tone could be bit thicker though at this point, it would make this riff really nasty.

Fourth solo now, second one with a wah effect on it, I like the tone on this one, works very well with the song. Very bright and clear.

Im about 9:30 now and I like the way the song has progressed as a whole. Loving the outro, although there is some white noise that is the background that suddenly disappears. If the white noise is intentional it works well, just needs to be faded out instead of dropped.

Like the addition of the piano, very nice.

All in all a great song, the 10:38 went by quick which is good, it wasn't boring me. The vocals you could double to thicken them (record all lines twice separately) it will beef them nice.

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Sounds great to me.
Maybe bring the guitars a bit higher in the mix?
Otherwise I love the composition.
Vocals aren't really my style but objectively speaking they're good.

Great song overall.
I quite like the song.
The rythm guitar should be a bit higher though, liked how the song was set up.
The clean vocals were pretty good aswell as the growls, but should be a bit higher in the mix, also liked the melodies.
Good song!

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Hmmmm.....really well put together. I love the breakdown-ish part with the blast beats, it flows really well. The only thing however, is the high pitched guitar in it. The tones kinda off to the rest, like too much treble. Other than that, I love the acoustic transition in the beginning, and frankly the rest of the song. Definitely something I'd pay for truthfully.
Many thanks for all the comments. General consensus seems to be to double track guitars so I'll give that a go! Uncreator: the lyrics were written by my mate who is the vocalist. I will ask him to send me a copy and can then post one here.

Any more comments welcome- C4C of course.