Nice clean tone... !

This is a bit short however and it end a bit rude... I guess it's because it's a non-full version.

Except that... ! I really like the progression through the song. (Chord)

Like i said your tone sound good and this even on a camera recording... While talking about the camera, you should maybe get a stand for your camera...?

Nothing else to say... ! Good job! If you post a full version be sure to PM and i'll critic it again!

Thanks dude! Using a Fender Deluxe reverb hence the tone. It is a very short video but I'd love your comments to a full version. I'll try get one posted ASAP.

Thank you once again!
You may want to put this in the "Covers" section of the recording forum.

That said, it really is a nice clean tone! Well played too.
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sounds fine.

nothing else to really say. you've heard one basic little wing cover, you've heard them all. :|