First off what sort of drop d switch should I use for my Epiphone SG?
Second will the 89xs fit in an ephiphone SG and also an Ibanez Xiphos? I plan on using the epiphone for clean standard tuning along for drop tuning so I needthe pickups to be versatile.

I honestly have no idea what the difference is between the 89x & 89xr, could someone explain that?

The xiphos will be for drop c, and thus I want heavier sounding pickups, but still versatile, so I was wondering what version of the 81's & 85's I should get that would allow for that. The xiphos has only a volume knob & tone along with a 3 way switch right now. Is that enough knobs? the epiphone has 4 knobs and a 3 way switch.

If i get a push pull pickup what sort of caps should I put on my knobs so that they dont come off when I push or pull.

Finally a weller 40 watt soldering station? will that do the job for soldering? & what type of solder is advantageous? do they make a difference?
I am lost. A drop D switch? Why? It easy to tune that on stage, takes two secs...
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The only drop d switch i know is the one you put on a floyd rose like this:
I vaguely remember hipshot possibly maing one based around the tuners.
The ziphos has a master volume and a master tone and an sg has independant volumes and tones for both pickups. It depends how much control you want.
Push pull switches don't usually put that much stress on the knobs, but the best sort of knob for the application is one which has a grub screw in the side. Like these:

The soldering iron sounds fine. You'll need standard 60/40 resin core solder.
i thought that would be a better option than tuning back and forth... and thanks ill look into them.. but will those massive emgs fit in?
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i thought that would be a better option than tuning back and forth... and thanks ill look into them.. but will those massive emgs fit in?

Yeah the EMGs should just drop straight in to a standard humbucker cavity.
you cant switch drop D on a stop tail. dude...its really not that hard its like a half turn (depending on your tuners or w.e) but it should be a breeze to swap inbetween Drop D and standard. and yae. that D-tuna works if....u have a floyd rose....and if u instsall a floyd on your sg just so you can use that, that would be a waste
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This could be what you are looking for.
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I play alot of drop D on my bass Tool, Trivium, Soundgarden etc. And the hipshot "detuner" is a solid piece of engineering but over $100 for a single tuner...not for me. With practice of pitch and mostly feel; you can drop/raise back and forth in a second. Besides those (even the FR device) look like azz imo.
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As dark_Mass posted, the Hipshot Extender can put you in Drop D from Standard. There are a few similar tuners too.