Hey, I just had a quick question...

Someone told me that the early verions of the VOX Night Train NT15H had some 'reliability issues', and that the newer ones were free of these problems. Can someone shed any light on this for me? I've searched these forums but have found no mention of these 'issues' One of the reasons I'm asking is because there's one on Craigslist for $400 with brand new tubes. (and the orig. tubes included)

My search for a new Amp continues...

-Major Bludd
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I've heard no such thing. The Night Train is a solid little amp. I always love playing it at my GC. I say go for it.
I've seen YouTube clips of it and it seems awesome. I'd be needing an Amp for (possible) small gigs in the future, but mainly for practice at bedroom levels. I really don't know that much about Amps, I'm learning by browsing these forums.

Right now I play a Peavey Valveking Royal 8. (speaker swapped for a Celestion Super 8) It does OK by me, but now I want something better.
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what kind of music do you play
and as far as i remember vox launched a new 50w version of night train this namm 11 go check ismjr's channel on youtube
Night Train 50, eh?

*checks it out*

Very cool. And it has an Effects Loop. Do you think that 50w would be a bit much for an Amp that will mostly be played at Bedroom Levels, at least for the time being? Or does that even matter? I'd like to think it would sound cool at lower volumes.

I play a mix of Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Black Sabbath/King Crimson ('Red' era) and a bit of Punk/Post Rock like The Stooges/Joy Division/White Stripes. I'm a 70's-style Hard Blues Rocker who takes things to a very dark place occasionally.
there isnt much of a difference between the db levels of 15 and 50
50 will give you extra headroom
and if i were you i would go for the 50w version because of its headroom and effects loop
and a guy like me always thinks about the future i dont gig atleast for now i am a bedroom player but i still bought a 120W 6505 to annoy others lololol
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So you're saying that the sound quality will still be there with the 50w, even at bedroom levels? (I live in a basement apt. lol) I hope to be able to play at low volumes, and it won't sound crappy.

As you can tell, I don't know s**t about Amps. I appreciate the help.
i dunno, i haven't tried either, but a 15 watter at "bedroom levels" isn't going to be anywhere near cranked either.

And how good amps sound when run miles below power stage clipping isn't terribly dependent on the wattage, in my experience, it's more dependent on how the preamp is designed.
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Dosent matters whether you get a 15w or a 50w the sound difference between them at lets say 1-2 is barely noticable imo
if the 50w is within your budget go for it orif it isnt, visit an amp modder google the schematics of night train 15w,show it to him and ask if he can add an effects loop in it if yeah go for 15W
That's actually a good idea on adding an Effects Loop. I'll have to look into that. Too bad they can't add a footswitch as well! lol
75$-100$,It aint difficult if given the amp and schematics i can pull it off without any pain
OK. I met up with the guy and purchased the 15w Night Train. What a cool looking thing it is. I wasn't able to try it before buying it, but everything seems in order. I'll go over to L&M tomorrow to plug it into a cab and fire it up.

Now I must search for a cab.