I got bored today, so I thought," I should try and run my Takamine through my Trace Elliot 700 watt bass amp and see how it sounds.". Stupid idea, maybe, but I gave it a shot. I bypassed the TK-40 preamp, went straight into my Trace Elliot, and loaded my standard electric guitar settings and impulses in my DAW, and surprise surprise, I got a bright, airy acoustic tone that is almost impossible to get with any other DI set up.

I've been trying for a long time to get a decent acoustic tone doing it DI(cause I have no other way, me=poor) and I think this might be a breakthrough. Just bypass your acoustic guitar preamp(mine has a switch) and run it into a really good bass amp.

I'll let ya'll be the judge. Here's the quick recording I did, shoddy playing, and high passed at 128 Hz.

pretty damn good for a DI tone
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Amen to that, could be much better recorded with mics but for a DI that's pretty good
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haha a big improvement I will admit...although technically, it's not a DI tone as it's going through an amp....I assume you're just using the pre-amp of the Trace Elliot, thereby proving the importance of a good preamp

But in all seriousness, it does sound way better, nice work!

It does sound a lot better, but I still feel a miced up clip would sound a million times nicer....Generally speaking, I've found you just don't get the air when going through the pre-amp as opposed to miced
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Yeah, I know, technically, none of my recordings are straight up DI, I always have it going through a preamp of some kind, except for those VST amp recordings, which are shameful; a mic would be nice, but my USB mic prolly wouldn't sound any good.

Although, through the Trace Elliot(preamp) it does sound fairly bright and airy. Before I was using the preamp on the Takamine, this time I just bypassed it, cause the TK-40 preamp cuts alot of the airyness.

Miced will always sound better, but I can get damn close going DI.