Poll: Is it good? Should I keep writing lyrics?
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Yes, its good.....But I really think you should stop writing
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NO, its horrible! Just save us all from the pain!!!
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Yes, its really good! Keep them coming!
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No, its not verry good at all, But dont stop writing
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I hate my ex and his slutty girlfried
I hate this song thats barely even writen
I cant believe that im sitting here right now

I cant believe I let him get away from me
Last time I saw him was jacking on the subway
Look at where trust has gotten me now

I hate the crap that he put me through
I cant believe I ever let him look at you
You were my bestfriend and now your just a wh*re again
I hate my job he made it worse everyday
I hate this sound cuz you inspired it

Chorus (still working on it!)
And now its july again
I cant believe how ignorant ive been
I keep pushing and pulling
throught all of the pain
And now its july again

Tell me what you think~!!!!~~~~ thanks~~~~