So ive been looking at a ESP LTD m-300fm and the ESP LTD m-1000. They are basically the same guitar exept the m-300fm is $400, and the m-1000 is $800. The main difference between them is the Floyd bridge. The m-300fm has a Floyd rose special, and the m-1000 has a 1000 series bridge. For those who aren't familiar, the special bridge is the same as a FR original exept it is made of different metals, and the series 1000 bridge is exactly the same as the FR original except it is made in Korea. Im worried about staying in tune, so is it worth shelling out the extra $400 on the m-1000, or would the m-300fm do me just fine?
you will not only get better floyd but will also get beter build quality

i would MUCH rather have an esp from there korea factory (where m1000 is made)
than a indonesian or china sweat shop or whatever where the craappy m-300fm was made.

the m1000 is significantly higher quality
my licensed floyd rose stays in tune for a good while, but if youre looking to actually use it for stuff, id go with the better floyd.
well if they're both double locking nuts, then either one will be fine really, you won't notice much difference imo
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they are not the same guitar, but to be honest if you can't see the differences, you might not be ready for the m-1000
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