I'm a college student, I play everything on guitar and a few other instruments. Going to school in Provo, got some recording gear, just looking for someone chill to jam/write/record with. Other guitars are fine, I'm particularly looking for drums, keys and bass though.
OMG. I was just in utah a few weeks ago for work. BEAUTIFUL state. CREEPY residents... I'm avoiding that state for the duration of my existence. The waitress at a 'Bostons Gormet Pizza' look at me like I had 6 heads when she found out i was with a girl for 3 years without marrying. She had been with her boyfriend for 4 months, and got married, and had a kid on the way... ****ing WEIRD state.... but beautiful :-)
@flashbandit What generas are you interested in playing?

@syntheticocean You gotta find the right people. Some mormons are like that, others will at least put on a smiling face and act like it doesn't bother them, Least they make decent neighbors.
Ya, Utah can be pretty weird and judgmental, kinda foolish really.

I'm into all sorts of stuff: prog, rock, jazz, blues, reggae, ska, east indian, rap, really most anything that feels artistic. I like to write music so I'd mostly want to do original stuff, but I could rock a cover or two.