Thanks for appreciating Peter's music. I hope you were able to find the chord progressions you asked for. I just saw your post today. I wanted to let you know that both he, and Kat (who was his partner in their former band "eastmountainsouth", have some wonderful solo music too and both are giving their fans some free songs on our website, www.misharamusic.com. We will be releasing Peter's new CD "Between Us" in June!

Just click on the free song link there. Enjoy and if you like them, feel free to share or re-post for your friends. Again, thanks for being a fan of Peter's, and we hope you enjoy the other songs. Our mission is to spread quality music through word of mouth.

Linda Baker
Mishara Music
I have a question, Is there any way I could get the tabs for Peter Bradley Adams "keep us" been searching forever. I wanted to play it at a wedding for my best friends which really love his music too. I have all of his cds, and I am waitng for "between us" which i cant wait to hear as well. Is there any way you could point me in the right direction?